Welcome to Dubai’s Quintessential Music Academy for Toddlers, Children and Young Adults

The British Music Academy is a quintessential music academy that specialises in offering your children the highest music instruction available in Dubai and the UAE. Benefiting from an excellent music education from the start is key to your children’s future. We strive in providing them with the brilliant music lessons they deserve to attend, with highly qualified and experienced music instructors.

[trx_promo image=”912″ image_width=”49%” title=”Providing the highest quality music instruction to your children in Dubai” description=”It is essential for your children to learn the correct techniques from day one and be taught by remarkable music teachers from their first exposure to music.

The art of playing the piano, the guitar or singing is an essential part of their overall education, so it is a must to offer them the highest quality music instruction possible to help them settle for an extraordinary future.

Thanks to the outstanding music lessons that your children will benefit from at the British Music Academy, they will build on a solid foundation thanks to which they will after that be able to choose between remaining proficient amateur musicians or embark on a fantastic music career.

Not providing them with such an excellent opportunity could sadly be extraordinarily detrimental and affect their love for music for years to come.” link=”/bookonline/” link_caption=”Register now” top=”huge” bottom=”huge”][/trx_promo]

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[trx_parallax speed=”0.1″ bg_image=”909″][trx_content][trx_title align=”center” color=”#ffffff” css=”margin-bottom: 1.55rem;” top=”huge”]The British Music Academy[/trx_title][trx_section align=”center” css=”max-width: 590px;”][trx_highlight type=”0″ color=”#ffffff” font_size=”1.3846em”]We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and other instruments.[/trx_highlight][/trx_section][trx_skills type=”counter” layout=”columns” style=”1″ columns=”4″ css=”margin-top: 1.5rem;” bottom=”large”][trx_skills_item title=”Students” value=”231″ style=”2″ icon=”none”][/trx_skills_item][trx_skills_item title=”Teachers” value=”14″ style=”2″ icon=”none”][/trx_skills_item][trx_skills_item title=”Programmes” value=”32″ style=”2″ icon=”none”][/trx_skills_item][trx_skills_item title=”Awards” value=”21″ style=”2″ icon=”none”][/trx_skills_item][/trx_skills]
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